Give Up to Go Up

Law of Sacrifice
By John C. Maxwell
Philippine Daily Inquirer

If you desire to become the best leader you can be, then you need to be willing to make sacrifices in order to lead well. If that is your desire, then here are some things you need to know:

1. There Is No Success Without Sacrifice: Leaders must give up to go up. Talk to leaders, and you will find that they have made repeated sacrifices. Effective leaders sacrifice much that is good in order to dedicate themselves to what is best.

2. Leaders Are Often Asked to Give Up More Than Others: The heart of leadership is putting others ahead of yourself. It’s doing what is best for the team. For that reason, I believe that leaders have to give up their rights.

3. You Must Keep Giving Up to Stay Up: If leaders have to give up to go up, then they have to give up even more to stay up. What gets a team to the top isn’t what keeps it there. The only way to stay up is to give up even more.

4. The Higher the Level of Leadership, the Greater the Sacrifice: The higher you go, the more it’s going to cost you. And it doesn’t matter what kind of leadership career you pick. You will have to make sacrifices.

You will have to give up to go up.

Are you willing to give up to go up?

* * *

Developing relationships

Leaders often make the common mistake of trying to lead others before developing relationships with them. As you prepare to develop other people, take time to get to know each other. Ask them to share their story with you -- their journey so far. Find out what makes them tick, their strengths and weaknesses, their temperaments. And spend some time with them outside the environment where you typically see them. If you work together, then play sports together. If you know each other from church, meet with them at their workplace. If you go to school together, then spend some time together at home.

You can even use this principle with your family.

For example, if you spend time with your children outside your everyday environment, you’ll learn a lot more about them. It will develop your relationship in ways it hasn’t before, and it will help you grow.

Get out of your normal environment today with someone you lead.


Black Gold in the Sand?

Dear DailyWealth Reader,

I just finished reading a report on what could be the biggest oil story of the summer.

I'm sending it to you because it has the potential to turn every $5,000 into $23,000 or more. It's written by our in-house oil & gas expert Matt Badiali.

You see, Matt just returned from a trip to Canada… He was searching for the next big oil discovery in Alberta, but found something even better... something practically nobody knows about yet.

Take 10 minutes to read the details, which I've included below, before you see this same story all over the news.

Good Investing,

Brian Hunt
Editor In Chief, DailyWealth


Missing60 Minutes
Oil Sands Story gives you chance to make 575% over next 12 months

"I've seen 60 Minutes miss out on some big stories
before, but never anything like this."

--Matt Badiali,
13-year U.S. geology veteran

Dear Reader,

On January 22, 2006, 60 Minutes aired a story about the fortune being made in Canadian oil sands.

Specifically in the country's Alberta region...

The segment revealed how, over the past few years, companies like Suncor, Canadian Oil Sands Trust, and Western Oil Sands have all shot up more than 1,000% by literally extracting valuable crude oil from the province's sandy Northern terrain.

But here's the rub.

60 Minutes only aired HALF the story...

You see, what the news program didn't reveal was a secret about Canada's oil sands that could make you many times your money over the next few years....

I'm talking about an oil sand region literally right next door to Alberta, which to date is completely untapped.

The incredible thing is that hardly anyone in the mainstream investment world knows about this development yet... except for local Canadian papers...

  • The Regina Leader-Post writes, "[This secret province] is at the epicentre of a ‘new world oil order,' thanks to its vast reserves of oil sands, heavy oil and other unconventional resources."
  • The Saskatoon StarPhoenix reports, "This is a world-class discovery. This is as big as they get."
  • The Edmonton Journal reports, "[This region] appears to be on the verge of following Alberta's lead and seeing significant oilsands projects started in the northern boreal forest."

One of my best contacts—an oil expert who's knee-deep in research—says, "We found historical evidence that [this secret area] hosts rich oil sands.. Perhaps even richer than Alberta's."

Preliminary estimates are as high as 60 BILLION barrels of oil.


And here's the kicker...

The Canadian government leased the majority of this property to a tiny penny stock company, which costs less than $6 a share.

They've already conducted several rounds of official tests. The results are coming in... and the oil reserves trapped inside these sands, as I'll show you, is astounding.

Because I'm a geologist and have been involved in the oil industry for the past 13 years, I can tell you exactly what's happening and how to take advantage of it—before news of this development is broadcast on every major American media outlet...

When that happens I expect this tiny company's share price to rocket to $20.... $30... possibly even $50 a share.

The Financial Post, one of Canada's most respected newspapers, agrees... "A project would elevate [this penny stock] to the big leagues."

I've written this letter to tell you all about Canada's secret oil province.... and the tiny penny stock that controls it...

Here's everything you need to know...

The story 60 Minutes completely overlooked

What most American investors don't know is that about 99% of the money that's been made in Canadian oil sands, so far, has come from just one province: Alberta.

That's because Alberta was the first province to set up a regulatory framework and workforce infrastructure. Today, nearly two-dozen companies have a stake in Alberta's oil sands.

The story has gone mainstream, covered now in nearly every major financial newspaper, including The Wall Street Journal, Money, and Forbes. And the profits have been incredible:

  • A company called Suncor, which extracts and upgrades oil sands, is up 3,393% over the last decade.
  • Nexen Inc., a smaller mining company, has seen gains of 670% in the last five years.
  • Imperial Oil, which also mines and upgrades oil sands, has jumped up 546% since 2003.

But what almost no one realizes is that there's a region of Canada that geologists believe holds even richer oil deposits than Alberta.

In fact, it's the province right next to Alberta... Saskatchewan.

  • The Saskatoon StarPhoenix reports, the "Saskatchewan side of the oil sands formation could lead to a long-term economic bonanza for this Province."
  • The National Post writes, the "bitumen find in Saskatchewan could spawn a new industry."
  • The Regina Leader-Post writes, "Although the Alberta oil sands tend to get most of the publicity, the oil sands in Saskatchewan contain ‘significant world class deposits' that are of ‘top quality.'"

The question is, if Saskatchewan's oil sands are so rich, then why hasn't anyone explored the area yet?

Actually, someone already has...

Shell's secret oil sands project

Back in the 1970's Shell—the oil industry giant—became interested in Canada's oil sands. They leased 2 million acres on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border – and conducted tests on both sides.

Take a look at the map to the right and you'll see what Shell was excited about...

Drill samples found large quantities of oil on both sides of the border!

Problem was, the Saskatchewan government didn't have the regulatory framework and work force infrastructure in place—the necessary roads, pipelines, tax-structure and government royalty incentives.

Alberta did.

So, Shell dropped their Saskatchewan leases and began operations in Alberta..

Now, for more than 40 years Saskatchewan has sat idle—untapped—chock-full of rich oil sands.

The question is...

Will the Saskatchewan government ever let anyone tap its oil sands?

Well, what almost no one in the investment community knows is that -- after nearly 4 decades -- the Saskatchewan government has finally granted access to this region.

In fact, one small company now controls the majority of this land -- one of the largest untapped oil sands fields on Earth.

So... How much oil are they sitting on?

Let me show you...

How much oil is in Saskatchewan?

Preliminary estimates are 60 BILLION barrels of oil.

Thing is, less than 5% of Saskatchewan's oil property has been fully explored! So there could potentially be even more undiscovered oil!

That was all the Saskatchewan government needed to hear...

An oil sands industry means huge benefits to Saskatchewan's economy – more jobs, new business revenue, and tax dollars.

Saskatchewan Opens Up its Rich Oil Sands Land

"The Government of Saskatchewan Industry and Resources... has introduced new fiscal and regulatory changes to support development [of its oil sands]."


So, on November 4, 2007, Saskatchewan finalized the necessary framework and infrastructure that would allow companies to extract oil from the province's rich oil sands region.

And here's the exciting part...

The government leased the majority of this land to a small, publicly traded oil company.

The map below shows how much land they acquired in the deal.

That's more than 707,700 acres of oil-rich land. In fact, it's the single largest oil sands holding in Canada (that's including Alberta's oil sands projects).

Government Relations Minister Harry Van Mulligen called the sale historic and said it "heralds the beginning of a potential new oil sands industry in Saskatchewan."

Right now this firm is in the final stages of Saskatchewan's biggest land survey ever.

"Saskatchewan's first oil sands play has been launched, on a remarkably large geographic scale by a strikingly small team."

--DOBmagazine, a Canadian Oil Trade Journal

They're conducting tests to determine how much oil is buried beneath their land.

The results are due back any day now.

As I mentioned, because I've been involved in the oil industry for the past two decades I can tell you exactly what's going on—and how you can take advantage of the situation...

When these pivotal results are announced I believe early investors will make an absolute fortune—the same thing happened in Alberta a few years ago.. Now it's about to happen in Saskatchewan.

And it's never been easier for you to get a piece of the deal...

The Canadian oil sands story no one's telling...

Already, phase one test drills have been completed...

Twenty-four holes were drilled into Saskatchewan's thick oil-rich sand...

Nineteen came back with a pay grade RICHER than Alberta's.

Keep in mind this was just a small test. Not big enough to attract the attention of Wall Street or even the mainstream press. But because the results were so good, the stock shot up more than 50% on the announcement (the good news is the stock still trades for less than $6 a share).

But that's nothing compared to what's going to happen next...

You see, right now this small firm is finishing a second, much bigger test drill. This is the biggest oil sands test in Saskatchewan to date... a complete assessment of the land.

They've spent over $70 million dollars determining the exact amount of oil resources they own, and getting the necessary infrastructure into place:

  • There are currently eight truck-mounted core drilling rigs on site producing 150 core samples.
  • Over 400 different people have been "shooting" some 1,100 miles of 3-D seismic lines on the unexplored areas of the property.
  • A helicopter-borne was created to conduct an ariel 2-D seismic program over a 103 mile radius.
  • 200 miles of ice roads and winding trails have been built in order to move the estimated 400,000 barrels of oil they expect to produce every day.
  • A permanent airstrip was built in order to move people in and out of the area.
  • Three separate housing camps for over 305 employees have been constructed.

The data from the survey has been submitted to the lab.

And any day now this company will confirm to the world exactly how much oil they've found.

When the results are announced, it's likely that every major television news program—like 60 Minutes, CNBC, and CNN—will air the story...

....And send shares of this tiny penny stock skyrocketing. Exactly how high it will go is impossible to predict.

One thing's for sure. The upcoming announcement is huge. And will take a lot of people by surprise.

Or... as the Regina Leader-Post puts it, "This is where the Canadians - Alberta and now Saskatchewan - become the pivot of the balance of power in the global oil market."

While company officials are prohibited by stock market regulations from saying much about the results before they're confirmed, company officials have gone on record numerous times about the project:

  • "We haven't found any edge [to where the oil stops]. We're in the middle of something and it's extending in every direction. North. South. East. West. It doesn't matter. On average it's running 20 metres thick. That's a good Alberta pay thickness."

--Company Geologist

  • "You know, last year at this time, we were saying that our [Saskatchewan] discovery could be the start of something big... Well, this year, we're saying that it truly is the start of something-the birth of an oil sands industry for Saskatchewan."

--Company's CEO

  • "I am convinced that we are dealing with a world-scale oil sands resource. Everyone involved in our program has a sense that we're making history for the province of Saskatchewan and for Western Canada's oil sands industry."

--Company Engineer

Keep in mind, you need only a very small stake in this company to have the potential for a huge payoff.

Believe me, if this company takes off as I expect, even with a small investment, your gains will be tremendous.

If you are interested in investing in this company, let me show you how to get started...

How to Make a Fortune in Oil Right Now

My name is Matt Badiali. I'm a geologist.

I have a Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in geology and more than 13 years of industry and research experience. My specialty is resource companies.

You see, for years I wanted to take my expertise in resource companies and help people understand the business... and make some good money at the same time. So, a few years ago I joined a Florida-based investment team, led by a PhD in finance and former hedge fund manager, and a former CitiGroup bond trader.

I learned their trade. And they learned a bit of mine.

And – for the past two years – I've leveraged my knowledge of the industry to help tens of thousands of everyday American investors make money by investing in energy resources and precious metals plays.

I thought I'd seen it all...

But this discovery in Canada really is unprecedented.

For such a small company to have this much untapped oil sand – is truly amazing.

If you're as excited about this opportunity as I am, then you should read the Special Report I just compiled, called: Canada's Untapped Oil Sands Province.

In this report, you'll learn the full details on this exciting opportunity including Canada's newest and untapped oil sands region... and the penny stock about to drill it.

Any day now, when this company announces the results of the land survey, you'll see this story on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.... and talked about every hour on CNBC... until this stock has gone up so much that the big profits will be off the table...

How do I know this?

Well, take a look at what's happened with the oil sands boom in Alberta, Canada.

When this story first broke, it was the most exciting piece of financial news in the world... Very quickly, the oil sands story went public on a massive scale, with CNBC airing segments every 30 minutes... news helicopters swarming Alberta, reporters everywhere, talking to the people getting rich there.... interviewing the crews working round the clock....

A single stake in Alberta's oil sands industry before the story hit the mainstream press would have made you an absolute fortune.

Just look at what happened to the companies involved:

Suncor 3,393%
Western Oil Sands 1,564%
Canadian Oil Sands Trust 1,605%
Nexen Inc. 670%
Imperial Oil 546%
Statoilhydro 420%
Encana 300%
Shell 200%
Exxon 100%

Even the large-cap oil stocks, like Exxon and Shell, doubled in value!

It's important to note that the big gains have already been made in Alberta.

Remember, Saskatchewan's oil sands are still a ground floor opportunity.

Again, I can't stress this enough: This is one of those rare opportunities in the investment world in which you have an opportunity to invest before the situation is covered heavily by the mainstream press.

But I don't think it will remain a secret for long...

To take advantage of this situation, you need to act right away. And to help you do it, I'd like you to have access to my recent report FREE of charge, immediately.

My Special Report, Canada's Untapped Oil Sands Province will show you how...

The only thing I ask in return is that you take a no-risk trial subscription to my monthly oil advisory, The Oil Report.

Before you decide, however, there's something else I'd like to send you free of charge – it's another unique way to make money from oil that I'm certain most investors have never heard of...

Monthly Oil Paychecks

Most Americans don't know this... but there's another unique way to make money in my field.

You see, most oil companies in America are legally required to pay a certain percentage of their profits directly to the U.S. Government.

But while the Government gouges most oil companies... I found a company that doesn't pay a single cent to Uncle Sam. Instead... they pay out this money to regular shareholders... people just like you and me.

In fact, they've never paid the government a penny on any of the profits earned from their oil-rich properties in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Instead, this company sends checks to shareholders, 12-times a year.. And they do this by using oil profits most companies have to hand over to the Government at tax time.

These are just like dividends, only bigger and more reliable.

How is this possible?

Thanks to an agreement the government made back in the 1970s – in the midst of an energy crisis – this company NEVER has to pay taxes on certain oil properties... as long as it gives the majority of its profits from those oil fields to shareholders.

If you look at the Internal Revenue Code, you'll see this agreement is even guaranteed by U.S. law.

Since going public in 1988, this company has returned more than 5,071% – which could include a check sent to your house or brokerage account, every single month (that's 229 consecutive oil checks!)

These results are more than 4,000% better than the stock market as a whole during the same period (measured by the S&P 500 Index)..

The amazing thing is, even if they never acquire another drop of oil — they have enough reserves to keep sending you paychecks until 2013!


I don't know of another oil company in America – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – like it.

If you want more income, paid to you every month, collecting monthly paychecks on these oil profits is the perfect way to do it.

If you're interested in this unique idea, I'd like to give you the full details in a special report called: Monthly Oil Paychecks.

This report, like Canada's Untapped Oil Sands Province is also FREE of charge.

To receive access to each, all I ask in return is that you take a no-risk trial subscription to the S&A Oil Report.

So... is the Oil Report right for you?

I don't know. Let me tell you a little bit about my investment style and philosophy so you can decide for yourself...

A Geologist's Trade Secrets to Making a Fortune from Precious Metals & Oil

I'm going to let you in on my secret to making a fortune in oil and mining. It's simple really: People.

Each year I spend a great deal of money visiting and interviewing the key players as well as properties all over the world.

I make about two-dozen research trips a year all over the world looking at the best opportunities in natural resources: Mexico... Canada... Haiti... Salt Lake City, UT... San Diego, CA... Abilene, TX... Carlin Trend, NV... Austin, TX... Boise, ID... Gulf Coast, FL... and Hoyt Lakes, MN, just to name a few.

I've put together a network of experts around the world. One of my top contacts is a veteran Houston wildcatter who the Times of London calls "the real deal."

But my favorite thing to do is off-the-beaten-path research.... finding great investments... and in helping individual investors understand the business and make good decisions with their money.

Doing original research is my real passion, which is why I launched my investment newsletter called the S&A Oil Report two years ago.

So far, the reaction from my subscribers has been pretty good...

Averaging 20% Per Recommendation... as high as 100%!!

I am most pleased to say that your reports have been outstanding and very profitable... My average return on each trade has been in excess of 20% plus. Some as high as 100% plus. Keep up the good work as you have won a faithful customer. I'm a satisfied customer.
-- Donald M.

An Insider Loves the S&A Oil Report

I was employed in the global energy services industry from 1979-1988 and understand its global market fundamentals better than other industries. I know all the big names in energy and energy services, and have been bullish on energy producers with low costs of reserves and growth of reserves and the energy services sector for some time. But, the S&A Oil report has introduced me to faster growing, small energy service companies that are performing extremely well. I am very satisfied with the performance of these investments overall.
-- Harold D., PhD.

Wants to keep the S&A Oil Report a secret!!

Superb ideas. Totally out of the mainstream of thinking in the energy field. Had a double with Veritas DGC. I'm not sure I want too many more subscribers to the S&A Oil Report. Selfish.
-- Mickey S.

Because we've been able to help readers learn how to make a lot of money, we now have what may be the fastest growing investment advisory in America over the past 2 years.

For example, I'm particularly proud of the investments we've found that showed our subscribers very nice gains...

  • For instance, most people are aware that many emerging governments are now chasing deep-sea oil. This is how I found Veritas. Veritas specializes in a technology known as "4-D seismic mapping" - a crucial service for offshore drillers like Exxon and Chevron. This technology is able to take images of deep-sea reservoirs over periods of time so that scientists can actually see where oil is located, how it moves and where it collects. Those who followed my recommendation could have made a 101% return on their investment in less than nine months.
  • In September 2006, I recommended a metal manufacturer that makes steel alloys used in extracting deep-sea oil. S&A Oil Report readers who followed my buy recommendation could have earned as much as a 98%.
  • Last year, I recommended a South American oil driller called Petrobras. We're up 145% in 12 months, with more gains to go.

I know... anyone can cherry-pick a few winners. But our overall track record is unmatched as far as I know. As of the publication of my March 2008 issue, for example, we have 16 recommendations in our portfolio... only three of them had gone down in value. Twelve were double-digit winners or better.

So, is the S&A Oil Report right for you?

To help you decide, here's what I propose...

Try the S&A Oil Report for the next 6 months and make a decision whenever you are ready.

Here's what I mean...

Subscribe today, and you'll have instant access to:

  • Special Report #1Canada's Untapped Oil Sands Province
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Over the next six months, take your time and decide if the S&A Oil Report is right for you. If not, simply let me know before your six-month trial period has expired. If you decide to cancel, I'll send you a full refund, and you can keep everything you've received up until that point.

How much does the S&A Oil Report cost? I think it's ridiculously cheap, especially considering all you receive... and the fact that just one of the investment ideas I'll share with you can help you make 100-times the subscription price, in just a matter of weeks.

But before I give you these details and tell you how to start your own trial subscription to the S&A Oil Report, let me tell you about one more opportunity you can take advantage of right now....

Big Oil Pension Plans

I've recently uncovered an amazing situation where Big Oil companies will actually pay for your retirement.

I call this opportunity the American Oil Pension (A.O.P.).

In short, A.O.P. is a unique arrangement between the U.S. Government and about 50 of America's biggest and riches oil companies.

To ensure that these businesses thrive, the government gives them huge incentives.

In exchange, Congress required these businesses to pay out nearly all their profits (90%+) to shareholders like you and me.

For more than 26 years, this plan has been mailing quarterly checks to thousands of Americans... Every single quarter – through 2 recessions and 3 wars – without skipping a beat...

The Wall Street Journal states that investors who put their money into this type of income opportunity have been "earning returns so high that they look too good to be true."

There's simply not enough time to tell you the full story in this letter....

You'll get the full details on these companies in my Special Report: How A.O.P. Will Pay for Your Retirement – No Matter What the Price of Oil. Best of all, when you take a trial subscription to the S&A Oil Report, you'll get access to this special report absolutely free.

You can get started with a trial subscription to the S&A Oil Report for just $49.50.
Keep in mind, this is HALF-OFF the regular rate of $99, which thousands of investors have paid.

Is it worth paying the equivalent of just $4 a month to learn about safe and profitable natural resource investment opportunities you'll hear about nowhere else? I think so, but here's what a few more paid subscribers have told me recently...

From the Director Of A NYSE E&P Company!!

"I am a director of a NYSE listed E&P company. I look forward to your report each month and find it to be extremely valuable. Your letter, in many instances, has confirmed good ideas under consideration and at other times introduced new ideas, which have proven to be very profitable! Keep up the good work!"
-Gerald W.

30-Year Industry Veteran Loves the S&A Oil Report!!

"...I enjoy the Oil Report and would recommend it to anyone. Having retired from BP/Amoco after thirty years, have always been in oil. Held many oil and oil service stocks already when I began subscribing. Matt is very good, and in my opinion, pretty much right about the stocks he touts. Energy my favorite sector, and Matt's Oil Report my favorite newsletter."
-Mike H.

Profits Abound...

"...I love your report and I really do not know of a single piece of research that is as informative and interesting as your report. I live in an oil and gas state (Texas) and your reports have helped me to understand the culture and jargon better...I have made profits on several of your recommendations---EnCana, Chesapeake, Suncor, Kodiak, Transocean, Valero, Exxon, and many others..."
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To get started, and to get instant access to all of the investment research I described in this letter, click here.


Matt Badiali
Editor, S&A Oil Report
March, 2008

P..S. The way I look at it, the longer you wait to get in on these investment opportunities, the less money you will have for retirement. Quite frankly, I believe the S&A Oil Report and my investment reports will change the way you invest forever. I hope this will be the beginning of a long relationship. But on the other hand, if you're not completely happy, I'll gladly give you a refund, just for giving my service a try.