Contraception: Why Not? (Abortion as Contraception)


The reason why abortion is a demanded form of contraception among women who have unwanted pregnancies is this:

"We have a phenomena here: About 53% of women who go to abortion clinics say that they were using a contraceptive when they got pregnant." --Dr. Janet Smith

In Thailand, the U.N.-advocated Reproductive Health program has long been implemented but with dismal outcome (please see the video about Thailand's RH program failure on my previous post below). The major reason for many governments' contraception program failure is described by Dr. Janet Smith in the video shown above. And because of this reason, abortion as contraception becomes badly demanded to cope with the program's failure.


Thailand's Unborn: A Case of Reproductive Health Program Failure


Thailand has long been implementing the Reproductive Health program (like the proposed RH bill in our country), and after several years of implementation, its outcome is a dismal failure.

A problem which has more of a psychological/spiritual dimension can't be remedied appropriately with solutions that are merely material in nature and it can't be dealt with effectively if it is addressed in the physical realm alone.
With all of its symptoms and consequences, irresponsible sex is more of a mental attitude problem than it is a physical one. Therefore to address this problem with the use of solutions such as those provided in the proposed Reproductive Health bill -- which primarily includes maternal-and-child healthcare products and services as well as birth-prevention products and services -- is to merely deal with the physical consequences of the problem and does not address the psychological dimension of the problem itself at its very core.

In today's instant-gratification world, the correct and proper teaching of the ABC's of sexual responsibility which is a big part of the most critical phase of youth development has been greatly declining in most of the societies across the globe -- already almost to the point of total neglect. Majority of the young minds of today's information age, on their own, are left freely learning wrong norms from the various forms of media they constantly are exposed to everyday -- the internet, mobile phone, television, radio, movies, magazines, etc. Both at home and in school, parents and educators alike have become seriously negligent of the responsibility of molding the character dimension of the youth. Today's educational systems seem to have failed to prevent the destruction of the balance between material prosperity and spiritual prosperity. More and more focus has been given to career and profession building while less and less focus is given to character formation.

If societies are to succeed in the fight against the consequences of sexual irresponsibility in today's nihilistic and narcissistic world, one key and major factor to be given big focus in the overall strategy is the [re]formation of people's character particularly in the young minds of the youth. Molding them and guiding them spiritually with right values and imparting virtues into their young minds. Approaching the problem this way targets the underlying psychological dimension of the problem of irresponsible sex right at its very core.

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