What Happened to My Blog?

There seems to be something wrong with my blog. I didn't touch anything in my blog settings but starting this week my new blog postings became unavailable for public viewing unlike it used to be. There's no recent announcement posted by Blogger.com administrators that is related to this problem. Are other bloggers of Blogger.com also experiencing this problem with their blogs? If not, then what's wrong?

Am I being censored here, or blocked, or maybe hacked (Oh no, not again)?

This week I got back online using another ISP (Internet Service Provider) because my previous ISP blocked my dial-up access. As it turned out, they suspected my phone line was "tapped".

Have I violated some rules here? Am I now already being "monitored" also?

I seem to be getting used to with this disruptions already. In the meantime, I'll be continuing to post on my other blogs located elsewhere in the internet, temporarily using mobile phone blogging.

I hope things will be fine soon.