On Climate Change

A reaction to "Doomsday Scenarios"

By Edilberto Anit

Fifteen years after the Earth Summit and Ten Years after the Kyoto Protocol, Environment Professionals are still against the greatest skeptics of environmentalism. The biggest economy of the world spearheads the group.

Unless global business practices changed, there is no escaping doomsday. The Earth Summit provided everybody the formula of sustainability. Agenda 21 has recommended that conduct of sustainable business will be attained if calculation of profit will also take into acount all environment impact of business operations and not only the direct capitalization cost of manufacturing goods. But today's businesses is still being conducted on the basis of old age principles, big margin for bigger profit.

I am working in a multinational company involved in garments industry. I don't know if you will be surprised but just for your information, in case you still don't know (and I doubt it), certain FOB prices of garments of coming season is still being negotiated at a lower price than the previous season despite rising raw materials and energy costs. But at the retail end, the cost of goods continue to increase.

This results to greater profit because of a bigger margin. I think this is happening in all outsourcing business, which is the global trend now. Everybody is looking up to China, amazed by their economic growth of more than 10% at least during the past 5 years. But to tell you what is happening in China in the environmental end, it is doomsday. It is like a ticking time bomb.

Yes, China is offering competitive prices that's why they are reaping all of the unprecedented successes. But some of it's effect, well, the two largest river delta in China, the Yangtze and the Pearl, are both biologically dead beyond rehabilitation and China's State Environment Protection Agency is helpless. Most of the price negotiations happen in either Hongkong or Shanghai but most of the buyers do not even care visit the production floors and see how their goods are manufactured.

We admire US and European countries, or at least the big economies, because of their intact forest system and unpolluted water bodies. But had we really ever ask ourselves who are really causing the miseries in developing countries. These economies own all big mining concessions in developing countries that continue to flatten their mountains and cut all their remaining trees. The transnational and multinational companies put their big factories in these countries as well and continue to pollute the air and water system.

The rich countries continue to rape the poor countries' environment and it will not stop in the nearest future. In college, this is what activists called IMPERIALISM. Then the poor countries are made to feel grateful when financial aids, in case of disasters, are provided by the rich countries. Developing nations like China are exempted in Kyoto Protocol, so the western world are emitting all their carbons in China. Their FOB prices will not afford China factories the cost of environmental protection.

Unless this greatest global hypocrisy is stopped, there is no stopping doomsday. Anyway, all of us live in just one planet with one integrated ecosystem. Climate change and global warming make people realize that shits in the east will reach the west once the septic tank is filled up and exploded.

There are still a lot to say about this issue, but as always, very few care to listen, and though some are listening, it is only during conferences and symposia. Good luck to humans and all inhabitants of planet earth!!! And to future generations.

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