A Challenge to Seek a Higher Calling

By Pastor Bob Chapman
Extreme Life Ministries

"Surely the Father has tolerated our excuses, our weaknesses, our sins, our divisions and our failure to believe He is who He claims to be for long enough. Such ungodly practices on our part have kept us from preaching God’s command to repent to our lost world."

Recently I have become increasingly aware, through an intensifying urgency in my spirit, that the world is moving toward a “crisis” involving the kingdom of God, and that we, as Christ’s disciples, are to become intensely sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to subdue the evil that is perpetrating this eventuality.

We are to take bold and decisive counter measures against all insidious or blatant attempts by governments and New Age Denominational Christendom to pronounce edicts that suppress the preaching of the pure, fundamental Word of God. Such bold and decisive action by disciples should be initiated and conducted in the fullness of the power of personal holiness and the fullness of the divine power of the Holy Spirit as happened in the initial days of God’s kingdom once Jesus ascended and sat down at His Father’s right hand whereupon He was granted all power, riches, wisdom, might, honor, glory, blessing, and dominion, Revelation 5:12-14.

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