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  • 'Expelled' Finds An Audience - (Read)
  • Darfur Food Rations Cut In Half - (Read)
  • Is Life Really Worth Living? - (Read)
  • Upcoming Events - (Read)

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Genesis 1:6-1:13 Genesis 1:6-1:13
The Properties of Space

Why study the book of Genesis? It is the book of beginnings: creation, man, women, sabbath, marriage, home, childhood, sin, murder,sacrifice, grace, trade, agriculture, city life, languages, ect. Genesis anticipates all false philosophies: atheism, pantheism, polytheism, materialism, humanism, evolution, and uniformism. All major doctrines have their roots in Genesis: sovereign election, salvation, justification by faith, believer's security, separation, disciplinary chastisement, divine incarnation, resurrection, priesthoods, and covenants.



The Creator Beyond Time and Space Series on CD-ROM by Chuck Missler The Creator Beyond Time and Space Series on CD-ROM by Chuck Missler

Astonishing discoveries have surfaced which point to the existence of a transcendent extra-dimensional Creator. Furthermore, numerous recent discoveries now confirm the incredible scientific and historical accuracy of the Bible, as well as the supernatural origin of its texts.

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This past weekend the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed opened in theaters around the country. The documentary, hosted by Ben Stein, takes a look at the debate – or lack thereof – and the controversy surrounding the theory of intelligent design. Expelled examines how many scientists have been chastised, denied tenured positions, or even fired for suggesting that Darwin's theory of evolution may not be the best explanation for life on earth. The film argues that "big science" is using intimidation and censorship to stifle academic and scientific debate. Instead of encouraging scientists to ask questions, examine the facts, and follow the evidence wherever it may lead, our universities and scientific institutions are using their influence to suppress those who are bold enough to question the accepted evolutionary theology.

Expelled did well at the box office, despite being almost universally panned by mainstream media critics (a rather hostile review by the New York Times actually described the film as a sleazy "conspiracy theory rant"). Expelled took in $3.2 million in its opening weekend. It managed to break into the top 10 at the box office, despite only showing on about 1,000 screens nationwide (wide release films typically show on 2,000+ screens). While $3.2 million certainly isn't spectacular for a mainstream movie, it is quite good for a documentary. In fact, Expelled had the third best opening in history for a documentary, and could end up as one of the top 10 highest-grossing documentaries of all time.

Darwin's Wall

Expelled opens with documentary footage of the Berlin going up and ends with it coming down. The idea is that a similar wall has been built in the scientific community. It is a wall meant to protect the sacred cow of modern science and the cornerstone of secular humanism. Expelled argues that scientists should be able to take an objective look at intelligent design without fear of reprisal. The film includes interviews with scientists on both sides of the debate, including Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute and well-known atheist Richard Dawkins.

If intelligent design isn't real science, if indeed it is merely religious propaganda, what are scientists like Dawkins so afraid of? The truth is that the more we learn about universe, the more obvious it becomes that we are not the result of random chance. The discovery of DNA, in particular, has radically transformed modern science and changed how many look at the origin of life. DNA is a digital, error-correcting, and self-replicating code; and within its complicated and elegant structure are the blueprints of every living thing on the planet. According to Dr. Jerry Bergman, a professor of science at Northwest College, "At the moment of conception, a fertilized human egg is about the size of a pinhead, yet it contains information equivalent to about six billion chemical letters. This is enough information to fill 1000 books, 500 pages thick with print so small you would need a microscope to read it! If all the chemical letters in the human body were printed in books, it is estimated they would fill the Grand Canyon fifty times!"

Random chance cannot account for the complex design of DNA. It is statistically and mathematically impossible. The chances of winning the state lottery every week of your life from the age of 18 to 99 are better than the odds of a single-celled organism being formed by random chance. Likewise, the probability of spontaneous generation is about the same as the probability that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard could assemble a 747 from the contents therein. It is impossible. The evidence all points to the unavoidable conclusion that we not the product of chance, but the result of intelligent design.

To learn more about this topic click on the links below. For a more in-depth look at the origins of life check out The Creator Series (this series contains four excellent briefings on various topics related to the creation/evolution debate).

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Throughout the past year the humanitarian situation in the Darfur region of Sudan has continued to deteriorate. Furthermore, experts say it is likely to get worse. Full deployment of the much-touted UN peacekeeping force has been delayed until next year, according to recent Security Council reports, and food rations for the needy have been cut in half due to attacks on UN convoys. It has long been acknowledged that something should be done, yet despite the severity of the situation it seems very little progress has been made to stop the bloodshed and suffering.

Over the past five years hundreds of thousands of people have died in Darfur as a result of violence, disease, and malnutrition. The conflict began in February of 2003. In response to political unrest in the western region of Darfur, the Sudanese government mobilized an Arab militia known as the Janjaweed – which translated means "devils on horseback." The Janjaweed have been accused of burning villages, kidnapping children, contaminating water sources and systematically raping women as a form of ethnic cleansing.

Humanitarian agencies estimate that more than 300,000 people have died as a result of the conflict and 2.5 million have been forced to flee their homes. Approximately 260,000 refugees have fled the country and the rest have settled in camps throughout the region. Those in refugee camps still live in fear of the Janjaweed and are suffering from disease and starvation. Tens of thousands of people are without shelter or sanitation, receive no food aid, and have to drink contaminated water. Militiamen often attack anyone who ventures away from the refugee camps to search for food and water.

Sudan is on the US State Department's list of states that sponsor terrorism. Sudan has given shelter to terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, which used Sudan as its main operational and training base from 1991 to 1996. Since the September 11 attacks, international investigators suspect it has become a financial hub for al-Qaeda's terror network. Sudan has also harbored members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Lebanese group Hezbollah, and others. The National Islamic Front, the strict Islamist party that governs most of Sudan, does not consider any of these groups to be terrorist organizations.

It has been said that a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. However we serve a loving God who created us and knows us intimately. The very hairs on our heads are numbered. It is the same with each and every person in Sudan. God sees their pain and is grieved by it - as His children we should be grieved by it too.

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Is life really worth living? We have in our possession a considered response to this basic question from one of the wisest, richest, most powerful men to have walked the earth. And yet even today his counsel is widely ignored or misunderstood!

"Vanity of vanities," lamented Solomon, "all is vanity!" Solomon used the word "vanity" 38 times in Ecclesiastes as he wrote about life "under the sun." The word means "emptiness," "futility," "vapor"; "that which vanishes quickly and leaves nothing behind." From the human point of view, life ("under the sun") does often appear futile; and it is easy for us to get pessimistic. But we should not mistake brutal honesty with pessimism.

The Hebrew title is Koheleth, and it is the title given to an official speaker who calls an assembly. The Greek word for "assembly" is ekklesia, and thus the Septuagint version gives us the English title of the book, Ecclesiastes. But the Preacher did more than call an assembly and give an oration. The word Koheleth carries with it the idea of debating, not so much with the listeners as with himself. He would present a topic, discuss it from many viewpoints, and then come to a practical conclusion.

Ecclesiastes is different from any other book of the Bible. It does not dwell on the covenant, the election of Israel, redemption, prophecy, sacred history, or the temple. Its focus is on man the creature, his life on earth, and the inscrutability of God and His ways. Ecclesiastes goes beyond the other wisdom literature to emphasize the fact that human life and human goals, as ends in themselves and apart from God, are futile and meaningless.

Relevance for Today

Among other things, Solomon saw injustice to the poor (Eccl 4:1-3), crooked politics (Eccl 5:8), incompetent leaders (Eccl 10:6-7), guilty people allowed to commit more crimes (Eccl 8:11), materialism (Eccl 5:10), and a desire for "the good old days (Eccl 7:10)." It sounds relevant for us, too, doesn't it? Solomon has put the key to Ecclesiastes right at the front door:

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. What profit hath a man of all his labor which he taketh under the sun? - Ecclesiastes 1:2-3

Just in case we missed it, he also put the same key at the back door (Eccl 12:8). But don't assume he is cynical or pessimistic: that would miss his real point! Whether he considers his wealth, his works, his wisdom, or his world, Solomon comes to a sad appraisal: all is "vanity and vexation of spirit." However, this is not his final conclusion, nor is it the only message that he has for his readers. We will discover much more as we delve into the depth of the book.

In spite of his painful encounters with the world and its problems, Solomon does not recommend either pessimism or cynicism. Rather, he admonishes us to be realistic about life, accept God's gifts and enjoy them (Eccl 2:24; 3:12-15, 22). After all, God gives to us "richly all things to enjoy." [Words related to joy (enjoy, rejoice, etc.) are used at least 17 times in Ecclesiastes.]

Solomon does not say, "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you die!" Instead, he advises us to trust God and enjoy what we do have rather than complain about what we don't have. Life is short and life is difficult, so make the most of it while you can.

Solomon initially opens with three bleak observations: nothing is really changed nothing is really new, and nothing is understood. After experimenting and investigating "life under the sun," he initially concluded, "No, life is not worth living!" And he gave four arguments to support his conclusion: the monotony of life, the vanity of wisdom, the futility of wealth, and the certainty of death.

But being a wise man, Solomon, in Chapters 3 to 10, reviewed his arguments and this time brought God into the picture. What a difference it made! By reexamining each of these impressions more carefully he realized that life was not monotonous but filled with challenging situations from God, each in its own time and each for its own purpose. He also learned that wealth could be enjoyed and employed to the glory of God. Though man's wisdom couldn't explain everything, Solomon concluded that it was better to follow God's wisdom than to practice man's folly. And as for the certainty of death, there is no way to escape it; it ought to motivate us to enjoy life now and make the most of the opportunities God gives us.

So he asks his listeners to look up, look within, look ahead, and look around, and to take into consideration time, eternity, death, and suffering: these four factors God uses to keep our lives from becoming monotonous and meaningless. In his final conclusion and personal application, Solomon then presents four pictures of life and attaches to each picture a practical admonition for his readers to heed:

  • Life is an ADVENTURE - live by faith (Eccl 4:1-5:9)
  • Life is a GIFT - enjoy it (Eccl 11:1-6)
  • Life is a SCHOOL - learn your lessons (11:7-12:8) 
  • Life is a STEWARDSHIP - fear God (Eccl 12:9-12)

These four pictures parallel the four arguments that Solomon had wrestled with throughout the book: Life is not monotonous; rather, it is an adventure of faith that is anything but predictable or tedious. Yes, death is certain, but life is a gift from God and He wants us to enjoy it. Are there questions we can't answer and problems we can't solve? Don't despair. God teaches us His truth as we advance in "the school of life," and He will give us wisdom enough to make sensible decisions. Finally, as far as wealth is concerned, all of life is a stewardship from God; and one day He will call us to give an account. Therefore, "fear God, and keep His commandments."

Here we have practical advice about life from one of the wisest, richest, most powerful men to have ever lived. His insights about life, money, values, and ordering one's personal priorities are priceless: this is a rewarding guidebook to the reader who looks behind the initial impressions to find the wisdom this remarkable man gleaned from his unique career  - click on the link to learn more.

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Strategic Perspectives: Southern California Conference
May 16th-17th at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Friday Night - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Worship with Dennis Agajanian

"What The 'News' is Not Telling You"

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily Founder

"High Tech in the Bible"
Chuck Missler, Koinonia Institute Founder

Q&A with Chuck Missler

Saturday - 9:00am to 10:00pm

Worship with Dennis Agajanian

Jack Hibbs, Pastor of CC Chino Hills

"The Signs of the Times: We Are Closer Than You Think"

Paul McGuire, Author/Radio Commentator

"The Merciful God of Revelation"
Tim LaHaye, Author of the Left Behind Series

"The Divine Butler…A Nation in Distress"
Ray Comfort, Pastor/Author/Bible Teacher

"Lessons From the Ledge...A Biblical Explorer Shares His Incredible Findings"
Bob Cornuke, Archaeologist with B.A.S.E. Institute

"Israel at 60: What Does the Future Hold"

General Shimon Erem

"Islam in Bible Prophecy"
Walid Shoebat, Former PLO Terrorist

Sunday Night
- There will be a special KI Members Dinner and private session with Walid Shoebat. For more information on the KI dinner contact Dan Stolebarger.

General admission tickets are only $25 if you purchase them before May 1 – so don't wait! For more information, or to purchase tickets, click on the link below.

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US Christians Support Israel - April 22, 2008
More than 80 percent of American Christians say they have a "moral and biblical obligation" to support the State of Israel, and half say Jerusalem should remain its undivided capital, according to a recent survey. JP

New Chip Will Store 500,000 Songs - April 22, 2008
Mobile phones, iPods and other consumer devices may soon be able to hold a hundred times more information than they do at present thanks to a breakthrough in storage technology. Scientists at IBM say they have developed a new type of digital storage which would enable a device such as an MP3 player to store about half a million songs - or 3,500 films - and cost far less to produce. Times

Study: Few Born Agains Tithe - April 22, 2008
Only 9 percent of all born again adults gave 10 percent of their income to churches and charitable groups, a new survey revealed. Overall, only 5 percent of US adults tithed in 2007, according to data collected by the Barna Group. CP

UN Food Chief Urges Crisis Action - April 22, 2008
The head of the UN World Food Programme has said urgent action is required to stimulate food production and help the poor cope with soaring food prices. According to the UN, an additional 100 million people, who did not need assistance six months ago, cannot now afford to purchase food. BBC

Judge Orders School to Stop Bible Giveaways - April 22, 2008
A federal judge ordered a public school system in Louisiana to stop allowing in-school Bible giveaways, saying the practice violates the First Amendment separation of church and state. The ACLU filed the lawsuit against the school district after Gideons International was allowed to distribute Bibles on campus. FOX News



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But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was. But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.
James 1:22-25 KJV



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