Analyzing the Developments of Libya's Uprising (Inside Story - Al Jazeera)


02/21/2011 - Crushing Libya's revolt. The unrest in Libya started out as a series of protests inspired by popular revolts in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia but was met by a fierce security crackdown and the use of militias.

02/22/2011 - Libya: Ready for civil war? As protests spread across the country, Seif al-Islam Gaddafi vowed that the regime would "fight to the last bullet".

02/23/2001 - Libya on the brink. Libya's embattled leader clings to power, with his military unleashing the bloodiest crackdown among the wave of protests sweeping the Arab world. But how long can Muammar Gaddafi survive? And what are the risks if his regime is toppled?

02/24/2011 - Embattled but defiant. A former member of Gaddafi's closest circle gives an insight into the Libyan leader's state of mind.