Iran's Leadership Is At The Brink Of The Point Of No Return

Neda Soltani, a young Iranian woman, was protesting with her father in Tehran when pro-government Basiji militia opened fire and shot her dead in the heart.

More innocent bloods have been spilled. More young lives have been sacrificed. The price of their cause is in the process of being paid by lives of young innocent martyrs.

To whose hands are these young martyr bloods required, to them shall the curse of the land befall.

Who can resist the blood of martyrs? Like a huge colony of black scorpions in the desert, the young martyrs' blood shall cry out for justice. Like a flood, it will flow down upon the pillars of the nation. Like a thunder, it will roar upon the high mountains. Like a powerful earthquake, it will shake the foundations of the land.

It shall come to pass that the wisdom of old shall weaken and fall. And the people will say, "Alas, the old wisdom is gone, and behold a new one has come."

Yet in spite of that, will the strange pack of beasts still come to hunt?