Why Fear A Rerun, And Not Fear Chaos?

Guardian Council rejects claims of voter irregularity, state-run media says


Iran's election authority has rejected claims of voting irregularities by a defeated presidential candidate, while acknowledging that the number of ballots cast in dozens cities exceeded the number of eligible voters in those areas, state-run TV reported Monday.

As thousands of riot police and militia lined Tehran's streets Sunday, the public rift among Iranian leaders appeared to be widening.

The country's foreign minister disputed allegations of ballot irregularities in Iran's presidential election, and the parliamentary speaker implied the nation's election authorities had sided with one candidate.

Amateur video showed large crowds marching down a major Tehran thoroughfare shouting, "Don't be afraid, we're together!" and "Death to dictator!" The person who shot the video said it was taken Sunday, but CNN could not immediately verify that the protest had taken place.

Eyewitnesses reported a protest also took place at southern Tehran's Azad University, where final exams were postponed after about 200 students refused to take them.

Thousands of riot police and members of the Basij militia lined the streets of the city, according to eyewitnesses. Security personnel surrounded the headquarters of the country's state television and radio. Many shops were closed, and shopkeepers whose stores were open said they planned to close early Sunday. However, no tanks were seen on the city's streets. Traffic was light. [...]

What is an election rerun compared to chaos? Why fear a rerun if Ahmadinejad really has the support of the majority of the people? The present leadership of Iran should have not much problem with conducting an election rerun. They would have cleared the allegations of fraud and neutralize the building tension from the people. Iran's leadership could have done the right thing while there's yet time. But they choose the other way. And now they have no other choice but to shed innocent young bloods.

A leadership who can afford to hurt its own people whom it vowed to protect is worse than a foreign invader. A leadership who is not willing to hear the cries of its people is no better than a tyrant.

Oh Persia, your land has once again drink the blood of innocent young martyrs. How much more of your future will your leaders shed before they even have the will to hear your people's cries? What the current leadership of Iran is showing is not the true kind of Islamic leadership that it claims to be. What makes them different from a tyrannical dictatorial regime?

How can there be peace among the people when their very own leadership is killing them?

Indeed when a leadership is questioned by its people and pushed to the brink of the point of no return, it can do nothing except be forced to push back by showing the dark ugly side of its power. When this happens, the sure fruit can only be chaos.