The Core And Foundation of A Nation

Kings build large strong walls around their cities to protect everything in them from destruction by any outside hostile force.

A leader's strength is measured by his ability to protect many aspects of the people he is serving. Among others, he maintains a strong military enough to protect his nation's sovereignty, he establishes efficient and fair trading system to keep a good economy, he preserves peace, order, and equality among his people by establishing and upholding fair, good, and moral laws.

Sovereignty, economy, peace, order, and equality, among others, all are established for the good and benefit of the people that the leader serves for. Individual persons make up a people, and they are the ultimate building blocks that form the very foundation and core of a nation.

If there be need for changes that a leader must facilitate to correct or improve his nation, the foundation and core of the nation must be given the first and highest consideration because if the foundation is weak, it will just be a matter of time before the nation collapses by the force of even a relatively weak pressure. Or if the core is threatened, the nation is endangered of destruction.

Protection is the main reason why people chose a leader. No leader is truly a protector if he is unable to protect the weakest and most vulnerable of the people he is serving. Every single piece of building block of a nation must be protected, lest a nation crumbles.

Life is the very core and foundation of every nation and it is imperative for every leader to protect it from its origin to its finish. Every other aspect of a nation stands on the foundation of life and propagates outward from the core which is the sanctity of life.

If the seeds of a nation are unprotected and destroyed, how can a nation expect to sustain its life?