The Enormity Of The Whole Scenario

No whatsoever economic plan that any of the competitors are boasting in their campaign to solve the current financial crisis will ever work. Not even the plans of many brilliant economists of the world combined have so far effectively solved the problem. World leaders may exhaust all possible remedies they could ever think of but the situation will not change significantly -- not until the last of the fruits of the trees shall have touched the ground.

The fruits being referred to are not the various failing financial institutions -- they are just part of the trees. The trees are the world's economic system that is now ever increasingly polluted with corruption and dishonesty. The fruits are the economic gains which are now increasingly tainted with dishonesty and contaminated with so much greed such that their seeds have breed more inequality and poverty throughout the world, and have accelerated ever more the destruction of life and the rest of the natural order. If all the world leaders' primary solution is to pour out more and more liquid into the roots of the trees, eventually they will run out of liquids before the season is over.

With the enormity of the whole scenario, will any collective worldwide economic solution be enough to solve the problem? In the first place, will it ever be solvable by human genius alone?

To the perpetual pilgrims, the crisis is just like the very thick fog in a season that causes them to slow down and be cautious. They can do nothing about it except wait until it is over. How long until this season is over? No one knows exactly. But thanks be to God, for He shall cause it end at the right time without completely destroying all of the system. It would then be a new season and it will be ushered with a sign.