The Power Of The Politics of Wealth

National elections entail so much financial burden to political parties. Different strategies and means of fund raising are employed by campaign managers just in order to be able to gather as much financial support for their respective political parties as possible.

In some countries, especially the poor ones, enough outside financial support are hardly even available. So in order to finance election expenses, some incumbent political parties (whichever is in authority at the time of election, and depending on the conscience of its leadership) simply entitle themselves and avail of a special government loan of which nature has the following generous terms: no interest, no ceiling, no collateral, and without any term of payment. Also stipulated is a very stringent condition: by all means, no one else must know except the borrowers and the lenders.

When it comes to style and strategy of campaigning, especially presidential election, America, the leading propagator of western-style democracy, is not so much different from the rest of the democratic world. There are few things that can be observed though.

First, while Americans may not be wasting money as in other countries where some corrupt incumbent officials illegally use public funds to finance election expenses, they have an excessively long presidential election period (due to the primary election) and no wonder, that in such a political process alone, they wastefully spend huge sums of money election after election – money that mostly benefits election creatures.

Second, because of the tremendous financial requirements needed to support their enormous system of campaigning, their political parties have developed fund raising mechanisms such that election after election their methods have become more efficient locally and have gain wider leverage internationally in fishing for enormous amounts of money – money merely used in the feeding of the hungry noisy mouths of the various election creatures, and in the filling of these creatures’ big insatiable appetites so that they may roar continuously and aggressively even louder throughout the entire election period.

Notwithstanding being lavishly contested to record levels in terms of expenses (on paid lies, character assassinations, campaign propagandas, among others) that abusively bought management-consented biases of disgusting unethical proportions from supposedly fair and balance leading international media organizations, the November 2008 U.S. presidential election is ever closely being monitored and eagerly anticipated not just by the Americans but by the rest of the world in some ways like no other U.S. presidential elections in recent history.

Why is this particular election drawing such an unprecedented attention and focus worldwide?

In this world, wealth is an absolute power and when it succeeds in also buying the world’s politics, the power of the politics of wealth rules the world.