Reagan's Worst Fear Was Realized

[...] His instinct was to veto the bill and the Catholic archbishop of Los Angeles urged him to follow that course. But he signed it into law. Reagan was disturbed by his decision, however, and continued to think long and hard about abortion. The bill, according to Lou Cannon in Governor Reagan, "permitted more legal abortions in California than occurred in any other state before the advent of Roe v. Wade." Reagan's worst fear was realized.

By 1980, Reagan had changed his mind and become a firm opponent of abortion. He insisted on a pro-life plank in the Republican platform for the first time. In 1983, he published a passionate pro-life essay, Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation. It turned out that signing the abortion bill in 1967 was the only political mistake that Reagan ever admitted. [...]

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It is not always late to do the right thing -- only that sometimes, the opportunity to wright the wrong is not always at all times.

There are times when the door can sometimes unintentionally get locked while you are outside the room but the keys are inside.

Where you strategically placed the duplicate key inside the room matters greatly in such a situation.